Bringing a Firearm to NZ


You will need to organise your paperwork with your own country's police and/or government for the export and import of your sporting firearm.  If you require a letter of invitation or introduction from the Wanaka Biathlon Club (or Biathlon New Zealand) as part of your export/import requirements, please contact us via email.


You will also need to research what your airline requirements are with checking in your firearm.  Most airline websites will have this information documented, it is just a matter of finding it. Contact the airline directly if it is not clear.  All airlines have different requirements.


For importing your sporting firearm into New Zealand and obtaining a visitor's NZ firearm's licence, please visit the                                    website for all requirements, instructions and required documentation.


The New Zealand government does not require any documentation for the export of sporting firearms. Please visit our                                                              website for confirmation.