Winter in the south of New Zealand is a unique experience and is very different from winter in the Northern Hemisphere.


Even though our temperatures do not drop far below -5 on a cold day, it can feel a lot colder due to our dry climate.  Most clear winter days the temperature will sit under or around 10 degrees celsius.


Our daylight hours are far more than in the north too, with the sun rising between 7.30-8am during the winter months and setting around 5-5.30pm.  During the middle and end of our winter season the skies can be clear and the days very sunny and your skin will burn here, even in winter.  Burn time is around 15-20 minutes.



What you will need:


  • biathlon rifle

  • NZ visitor's firearm's licence and import permit

  • ski equipment (or ski gear can be rented from the Snow Farm)

  • your normal biathlon/ski clothes

  • sunglasses or goggles, hat, gloves, etc.

  • sunblock SPF 15 or more.

  • thinner layers for if you are staying at the lodge, which is always cosy & warm!

  • warmer outer layers for colder temperatures