How to Become a Club Member

If you, your child, or your whole family are interested in becoming members of our club - or if you are visiting and intend using our range - please fill out our membership form   

If You are New to Biathlon

If you are new to the sport of biathlon and you are keen to give it a go the club asks that you do the following first before attending one of our Sunday training sessions.


1.  If you haven't cross country skied before, please organise to have a lesson/s at the SnowFarm.


2. If you are not an experienced shooter, regardless of your age, consider attending a small bore rifle club shoot before heading up to Snow Farm. During the winter, small bore shooting takes place at the Lake Wanaka Centre on Monday's at 6:30 pm


Learning the basics of target shooting indoors is not only more comfortable for you but more conducive to retaining the information you have learnt.  Having this basic shooting and skiing knowledge under-your-belt before coming to the range will make your first biathlon experience a lot more enjoyable.


3. If after trying biathlon you are keen to continue, the club requires anyone 15 years of age or older to sit their firearm's licence.  Please make contact with the Club for further information about sitting your licence.


4. Become a Wanaka Biathlon Club member.

Our Club History

Biathlon is a young sport in New Zealand and it is very much in it's infancy years. The Wanaka Biathlon Club was formed in 2009 and is headed by a group of enthusiastic volunteers who are largely parents of youth involved in the sport.  Our training volunteers have come from a shooting or a skiing background and run the club's Sunday training sessions with a mix of biathlon drills as well as training races.  The club is currently not in a financial position to employ a biathlon coach however, due to the beauty of the Wanaka area, we have found that biathletes and coaches from other nations visit during the winter months and are keen to help our biathletes.  We are very fortunate to have biathletes visiting and working in Wanaka again this season who have contacted the club and offered to help us out.

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